Feel Great and Function Even Better!

Did you know that over 90 percent of pain is muscular in nature and is caused by poor ergonomics or muscle imbalances in our daily activities?

Micah Teeter did, and he set out to create a better form of bodywork to help dedicated athletes reduce pain and prevent injury. What he developed instead was FitMoveGo, a specialized form of massage that is beneficial for just about anyone, regardless of fitness level.

FitMoveGo therapy can benefit just about anyone, regardless of their fitness goals.

FitMoveGo, a form of myotherapy, is a hybrid therapy that bridges the gap between chiropractic work and standard “feel good” massage. Specially trained therapists perform deep, therapeutic manipulation of the connective tissues, relieving  pain and maximizing muscle function. The specialized type of soft tissue massage gets to the root of many existing problems and injuries.

FitMoveGo is an ideal complement to the workout regimen of serious athletes, but is appropriate for just about anyone, regardless of their fitness goals. Clients swear by it, saying it has lessened their pain, improved movement, and given them a better quality of life.