About FitMoveGo Therapy

FMG Logo-sticker-with effectsFitMoveGo (FMG) is a form of myotherapy, which addresses pain that arises from the muscles and surrounding connective tissue, called myofascia. Myotherapists assess and treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and tissue coverings  using direct, hands-on manipulations.

Competitive athlete, personal trainer, BrandX instructor and licensed massage therapist Micah Teeter developed FitMoveGo to better address pain and range of motion issues for his fitness clients. He quickly found that FitMoveGo is appropriate for just about anyone who wants to feel better physically and appeals to many people in the community.

FitMoveGo therapists are trained to go deep and make major changes to problem areas in the tissue.
When developing this therapy, Teeter noted that chiropractic manipulations were deeper and quite effective, but focused on a very localized area for a short time. In contrast, traditional massage covered a broader area but didn’t effectively reach and release the tight fascia, where many of the problems lie.

In FitMoveGo, he has developed a novel approach to bodywork that blends the best of soft tissue bodywork similarly used in chiropractic with massage therapy and fills a previously overlooked need. He assesses a client’s problem areas and address those issues through targeted deep muscle work to release the tight fascia over large areas of soft tissue.

“This is far from traditional massage,” stresses Teeter. “FitMoveGo therapists are trained to go deep and make major changes to problem areas in the tissue. People typically tell us that they get more relief in their first FitMoveGo treatment than they ever got from traditional massage.”

You may not even know you need FitMoveGo until after you’ve experienced a session. Still not sure? See what others have to say in our Testimonials section.