Who Can Benefit from FitMoveGo?

Literally, just about anyone can be helped by FitMoveGo’s unique approach to bodywork. Clients range from professional athletes to “weekend warriors” to busy professionals and stay-at-home moms. Teeter originally developed the therapy with athletes in mind, but quickly realized many other people could benefit from it as well.

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FitMoveGo can address many different problems arising in the soft tissue, such as:

  • muscle pain and spasm
  • limited range of motion
  • muscle aches
  • sports injury due to overuse or misuse
  • repetitive motion injuries
  • muscle strains from lifting heavy loads improperly
  • “kinks” in the neck or shoulders
  • headaches arising from soft tissue problems

Do you have neck and shoulder pain from sitting hunched over a computer all day? Muscle pain from an over-zealous workout? Tightness and limited range of motion for reasons you don’t even know? We have packages to help everyone feel better.

Just about anyone can be helped by this unique approach to bodywork.

Normal daily activities can, over time, can cause major problems and pain. The way to achieve the best long-term results (after the acute problem is solved) is to learn good ergonomics and practice daily self-care activities recommended for you, combined with regular FitMoveGo sessions. Maintenance therapy can help you keep functioning at your best and nip potential muscle imbalances in the bud.

“We see athletic performance skyrocket when our athletes follow this procedure,” said Teeter. “It works equally well for others.”